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Aluminium Casting

Mactech’s strength lies in producing high precision aluminium gravity die cast components to relevant industry standards utilizing the well-known CO2 Sand Core moulding methods.

While Mactech Manufacturing specialises in sand and permanent mould techniques, this section discusses some of the most important considerations when deciding which method is best for you.

aluminium casting
aluminium casting
aluminium casting

Our Facilities

2.5 decades foundry experience.

With above experience, we decided to setup GDC AL foundry.

Trained personnel.

Customers verticals – Aerospace, Heat exchangers, Pumps, Valves, Oil and gas etc.

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Design & Engineering

Green sand plant (60 tons storage capacity)

Hand moulding sand mixer (300 kgs & 500 kgs)

ARPA 300 moulding machine (Box size 520mm x 520mm x 150mm)

ARPA 450 moulding machine (Box size 740x680x200)

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Waxing and Shelling Zones

Wax injection machine - 6T to 35T - 10 machines

Dedicated soluble wax injection machine.

Expertise in the use of Ceramic Cores for intricate designs.

Capacity to Manufacture 150 Wax trees per day

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Melting & Pouring Zone

wo CNG powered shell firing furnaces

Induction Furnace capacities ranging from 25 kgs to 300 kgs

Dual Track Furnaces - 150 kgs

Four Power Track Furnaces - 25 kgs to 300 kgs

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Alloy Capabilities

Cobalt - Chromium Alloys Indellite-1, I-6, I-12, I-21
Alloy Steel 4140, 4340, 4150, 4145, 8620 etc
Duplex Steel Alloys ASTM 995 5A, 4A, 6A

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