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Quality Assurance

Mactech has a full-fledged Quality Assurance and Technical Service Department established, along with its state-of-the-art equipment, takes care of the metal analysis, mechanical testing, metallographic examination and other studies. Some of the contemporary tools used are:

  • Root Cause Analysis and Manufacturing Troubleshooting
  • Process or Product Improvements
  • Design Quality
  • Sampling or Test Plan Development
  • Quality System Assessment
  • Manufacturing Data Analysis
  • Product or Process Quality Dispute Support

Continuing effective manufacturing operations rely on a deep understanding of processes and products that are long-term solutions. Our specialists use data-driven approaches based on sound scientific principles. Tools, techniques, and isolated improvement events may drive down cost in the short term but are not likely to have lasting impact unless applied as part of an overall approach to improve processes and reduce systemic risk.

Quality Control

Through continual improvement of the Quality Management system, Mactech renews its commitment to comply with the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 to ensure reliable quality, at a competitive price and quick turnaround time. In order to accomplish this, the company strives:

  • Proactively in continual improvement through education and training
  • To detect and prevent any non-conformance during production and implement the means to prevent its recurrence
  • Identifies and eliminates all forms of wastes that do not bring value to customer
  • In developing highly motivated and skilled human resources with strong sense of values and commitment to quality
  • Brings competitive spirit by adding value to processes in all aspects of the business
  • Mutual beneficial supplier relation

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