End-to-End Manufacturing Services

Mactech has a unified platform that provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions and assists customers in optimizing their manufacturing processes. Castings, Forgings, Machining, Fabrication and Assembly are our specialties. Our seasoned teams are committed to providing solutions that are cost effective, done accurately the first time and executed On time - Every time.

Mactech services
Machining services


Using the finest tools and technology combined with expert machinists, we help transform raw materials into finished products to achieve the desired accuracies.

Investment Casting services Investment Casting services


Investment casting pioneers with 25+ years of expertise delivering castings that provide full design freedom, variety, alloy choices and best in class dimensions and tolerance selection. We take a hands-on approach to assisting customers in discovering hidden efficiencies, achieving larger cost savings and improving product quality

Centrifugal Casting services Centrifugal Casting services


25+ years of experience honing foundry techniques to improve centrifugal castings that produce strong, cost effective, customized super alloys that shorten the supply chain and give the customer more control over its manufacturing costs. Our metallurgical experts may choose from over 200 different alloys to create the ideal combination to achieve the necessary material properties

Sand Casting services

Sand Casting

Green Sand, Air Set / No-Bake and Shell Moulding Processes are used to produce a wide range of metal castings with unrivaled diversified capabilities from concept to delivery. We work tirelessly with our customers throughout the product journey to suit their needs through reduced lead times, costs and product journey.

Aluminium Casting services


Mactech provides castings for all types of castable aluminum alloys using sand, permanent mold and pressure die casting techniques, with optimized outcomes in terms of both cost and quality, providing you with a one-stop solution experience. Our expert work staff trims, machines and finishes all castings to customer requirements for a precise match from print to production.

Fabrication services


Mactech is the leading supplier of low to large volume custom metal fabrication and components. We are experts in heavy and light components, large weldments and full assemblies. We also offer full-service capabilities that include reverse engineering to prototype and mass production to assembly

Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Mactech provides high-end technological solutions and has delved into the revolutionary additive manufacturing process, often known as 3D printing using thermoplastic materials, which enables customers to have a faster go-to-market strategy and cost-effective prototyping.



Mactech has sourcing capabilities world over including China & Taiwan to source Best-Cost material and further value add at our in-house various plants to help resolve our customer’s challenges in the sourcing arena.


Catering to Businesses
Across the Spectrum

We have been an industry leader and technology pioneer, collaborating with some of the world's most prestigious companies to give their products a genuine performance advantage. We serve a diverse range of sectors and have a global customer base from Defence / Aerospace to Agricultural Equipment.

Mactech Services


Extensive Research
Capabilities and

We are a unified platform offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions. With a skilled team of specialists, extensive research capabilities and our experience across Castings, Forging, Machining, Associated processes and Assembling processes, we have been transforming businesses since inception. We are here to help you build products that are efficient and of unprecedented quality output.

Turnkey Solution Providers

Turnkey Solution Providers

With years of highly trained experience, the Mactech team works on small/large projects, providing customers with turnkey solutions. We assist customers in reducing external handling and optimizing workload for the best lead times on the majority of projects.

Mactech Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse Facility

Mactech provides comprehensive inventory management packages that are adapted to our customers' individual requirements. We collaborate with our customers to optimize inventory turns, which eliminates expedited shipping fees and monthly bulk deliveries. We provide Just-In-Time deliveries through our warehouses owing to our excellent supply chain.

Mactech Staff

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Our team is experienced and empowered to work with our customers by building strong long-lasting relationships. We work closely with our customers to ensure all processes are transparent and delivered within set timelines.

Mactech R&D

In-house R&D

We understand the significance of innovation and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Our in-house R&D department serves as the driving force behind our continuous improvement. This allows us to develop cutting-edge solutions, refine existing processes and explore new technologies, ultimately leading to enhanced products and services for our valued clients


Our Manufacturing
Facilities (India)

Mactech is a world class manufacturing solutions provider with four units across Karnataka - three in Bangalore and one in Harihar. Each unit is dedicated to offer a select set of services with a dedicated team of experts.

Mactech Unit-1


Sourcing, Machining & Engineering Services

#32F, Veerasandra Industrial Area,
Bengaluru - 560100, India.



Mactech Unit-2


Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Al. Castings

#22, DP - 1, 2nd Stage Harlapura Industrial Area, Harihar - 577601, India.



Mactech Unit-3


Investment Casting, Centrifugal Casting (Formerly Zircast Limited)

#37, 2nd Phase, Jigani Industrial Area, Bengaluru - 560106, India.



Mactech Unit-4


Components for Earth Moving Equipment, Machine Frames

32E, Hosur Rd, Electronic City Phase II, Bengaluru - 560100, India.



USA Warehousing

Mactech owns a 50,000 sq.ft warehousing facility in Elgin, IL and a 45,000 sq.ft warehousing facility in Chattanooga, TN, USA

Mactech Warehouses USA


50,000 sq.ft area of warehousing facility

1441, Timber Road, Elgin, IL 60123, USA.

Phone: 001 630 872 5000/(ext)5110
Email: sales@mactechengg.com